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We spent a lovely evening at Bergamot a few weeks back and enjoyed their AMAZING tasting menu.

It is 7 courses for $75/person with optional wine pairing $50/person, which we didn’t do since Kevin is more of a beer guy.

The food was spectacular.

Here is how the night progressed:

We started with home-baked bread and Parmesean Black Pepper Butter



Next was an amuse bouche of Pork Belly Butter with Corn Bread and Orange – YUM! The play of the fatty pork belly and the nice citric acid of the orange was perfect



The first salad was a Beet and Goat Cheese salad with Blueberry Reduction and toasted Hazelnuts



Next came a Squash, Pear and Gouda salad with Apple Butter



Our first warm course was Parsnip Gnocchi, with a Pink Peppercorn sauce, Cranberries, Butternut Squash cubes and Mushrooms.

It’s amazing how well the flavors from every element work so well together. This was a dish I thought about for days afterwards



Next, Smoked Mussels and Yam soup, with Endive Croutons, and Panchetta.

I very  much enjoyed the soup, but I felt the Endive croutons were cold and did not meld well with the warm, creamy soup



Monkfish with Roasted Onion suace and Celery Root puree



Our last entree dish was Steak served with Corona Beans, fried Chicory, Veal jus. The meat was perfectly cooked and the beans were a lovely compliment to the dish



The first dessert was Black Rice Milk and Honey Sorbet – delicious!!



The last dish was a Pineapple Upside-Down cake with Brown Butter Ice Cream, Roasted Sunchokes and Powdered Popcorn – we wanted to lick the plate!



Even if you can’t do the tasting menu, Bergamot has amazing (and affordable) food. They even have a $42 3-course tasting menu every night or you can order a la carte.

They have a small, but well-rounded beer list. Here are the beers we got to accompany our meal:




The wine and cocktail menus are great too.

I HIGHLY recommend Bergamot!