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Harbor Islands


I am always looking for easy one-day trips to take around Boston. I have heard about the Boston Harbor Islands for a long time, but I was never motivated to go.

Finally, we decided to take the ferry and visit them.  http://www.bostonharborislands.org/

There are a bunch of islands to visit, the closest one is Spectacle and we decided we should go there for our first time.

It was a perfect summer day, not too hot, not too humid. The ferry was super easy and come very often. There was live Jazz music on the day we went and there are events on the islands throughout the summer.

You get fantastic view of Boston from the ferry ride



We decided to just take some snacks (though in hindsight, a real lunch would have been a better choice), we brought some water and wore sneakers.

Spectacle Island used to be garbage dump, but with all the dirt from the Big Dig, it was filled over and plants were imported and took hold. Now Spectacle Island is a lush and green place with 5 miles of super easy trails and amazing views of Boston




Coming over the north hill, you feel like you are on the edge of world


We sat up here and had our snacks, laid in the grass and relaxed


Apparently, many islands have campgrounds, but they get booked 6 months in advance. Next time I would love to visit the other islands and (if I can remember to book 6 months out) go camping!