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Mushroom Hunt



So I finally did it! I’ve been meaning to join the Boston Mycology Club for years and this past weekend we went on our first hunt! And it was fantastic!!

The club goes about once a month in the summer, more often in the fall. They don’t advertise their locations, but are happy to have you come along if you tell them that you are interested. Then, if you like it, you can join the club for $25 annually. (which I promptly did after the hunt)

We went to an undisclosed location and chatted with some fellow mushroom enthusiasts. Then went walking around, staring at the ground, and picked multiple samples of mushrooms. I found that I can smell them out! Mushrooms have a very distinctive musty, woodsy scent. My nose worked about 60% of the time!

Here are some examples of what we found:

Amanita (poisonous – don’t eat)


(don’t remember)


black trumpet (totally edible!)





I even made a little friend!




After the 60-90 min walk, we met up back at the beginning and displayed our finds so the guides can identify them. It’s amazing how many types of mushrooms people found!

Since we found the black trumpets, we had them for dinner that night!!! Just saute them with a little bit of butter and garlic – delicious!!