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Study – Kendall Square


Back when it was still cold out and the streets were covered in snow, we ventured to a new-ish place in Kendall square – Study Restaurant.

I had heard great things about this place, but with only a few reviews on Yelp, I had my reservations. Why are the critics loving it, but people aren’t flocking there?

Right away, the lack of patrons confused me. The atmosphere was lovely, the menu looked great, and the service was friendly.

Study continued to pleasantly surprise me all evening.

I’m always a sucker for sherry (ever since getting hooked on it in Spain on our honeymoon). Study has an amazing sherry list and has a sherry flight – that is how our night started.


They even leave the bottles on your table, so you can review them while you taste!


 The kitchen sent out an amuse bouche of ‘lox & cream cheese on an everything bagel’ cigar – this little bite was amazing! The pearls of cheese paired with trout roe encased in a bagel chip – absolutely perfect.


 Their menu is divided into “Nosh” (small bites), “Light” (medium-sized plates), “Entrees” and “Share” (for 2 people). We ended up getting 2 Noshes, 2 Lights and 1 Entree – more than enough food for 2 people.

Nosh #1: Foie gras – perfectly seared bite of foie gras, served on a jalapeno cornbread over spicy squash puree, topped with cocoa nibs. This bite had everything you need in a bite – fatty, meaty, spicy, savory goodness.



Nosh #2: Chicken heart – wonderfully charred chicken hearts, served with a honey-mustard sauce and crispy chicken skin. The chicken hearts were perfectly cooked and the skin was nice and crunchy, but the sauce was a bit too sweet for me.



Light #1: Sunchoke – served with a yolk, meyer lemon powder, roasted onion and potato chips. A solid dish.



Light #2: Ink Gnocchi – served with grilled squid rings, abalone mushroom, and mango. Probably our least favorite dish. The consistency of the gnocchi was chewy and the squid had little taste. Also, the mango seemed out of place in such a savory dish.



Entree: Duck Breast – served with shaved duck heart, sunflower seed farro, black trumpet mushrooms and pickled enoki mushrooms. This was delicious!

The duck was perfectly cooked and sprinkled with coarse salt that would crunch with every bite, causing an explosion of flavor to rush your tongue. The woodsy black trumpet mushrooms were a lovely complement to the duck and the slightly acidic tang from the pickled enoki mushrooms supplied that missing link. A perfectly executed dish!



Dessert: Coconut ice cream – sounds unassuming, but then it arrives at your table.

It is served in a small fishbowl, with grilled cake, thinly sliced jalapeno and creme anglais in the bowl, then the bowl is topped with a ‘glass ceiling’ of sugar, on which is the coconut ice cream and black sesame seeds. When you shatter the ceiling, the toppings fall and meld with the inside, making this a delectable little dessert – a must have!




From the corner of my eye, I viewed the cheese cart. While we didn’t have a chance to sample it this time, it will definitely be sampled next time!



As if the kitchen wasn’t amazing enough, they send out a little ‘good-bye treat’ with your check – macaroons, French chocolate cookies and salted caramels – yum!



We will absolutely be back!